The microfinance sector of Nepal has been emerging as financial industries for access to finance in remote areas, where economic activities, financial literacy, infrastructure, social awareness are very poor. Microfinance is playing a key role to access financial services, enhancing economic status, social awareness as well as living standards with poor peopleGLBBS is a province-level microfinance institution promoting with 24 individual promoters.

GLBBS is helping the deprived and socio-economically marginalized communities in province-1. It provides microcredit, saving, micro insurance, remit service as well social awareness, social program, and enhancing income generation. GLBBS expanding its outreach to serve the un-served and under–served population. It is aware of the client’s protection. It regularly revisits and refines its products, services, delivery models, and channel so as to address clients’ needs and preferences.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to NRB, company registration office, Government of Nepal, Board of Directors of Gurans, shareholders, and other concerned institutions who helped us establish, expand and grow. I hope to receive such kind of help, more in coming days. Thanks to our valued customers who believed in our products and services. Our motto is qualitative and customer-friendly services. I would like to thanks our staff for their commitment and sincerity towards achieving the institution’s vision, mission, and goal.

Thank You

Chief Executive Officer