Gurans offers following loan services to meet client’s financial needs.

S.N.Name of loan ProductsVolume of LoanRateTerm
1General LoanNRs 200000.15%Upto 2 yrs
2Seasonal LoanNRs 30000.15%Upto 1 yrs
3Business LoanNRs 500000.15%Upto 3 yrs
4Agricultural LoanNRs 300000.15%Upto 3 yrs
5Alternative Energy LoanNRs 200000.15%Upto 3 yrs
6Foreign Employment LoanNRs 150000. 15% Upto 1 yrs
7Micro Entrepreneur Loan (Dhito)NRs 700000. 15% Upto 10 yrs
8Emergency LoanNRs 5000. 15% Upto 12 Months
9Business Revival LoanNRs 50000. 15% Upto 12 Months


Gurans offers following deposit plans to increase client’s saving.

S.N.Name of Saving ProductsS.N.
1Group Saving7.5%
2Personal Saving7.5%
3Welfare Fund Saving7.5%
4Jeevan Bachat10%
5Gurans Bal Bachat7.5%
6Gurans Special Saving7.5%
7Sambridhi Bachat Khata7.5%
8Gurans Udyami Bachat9.5%


Gurans Laghubittya Bittya Santha Ltd. has been providing easy and secure remittance services to its valued clients. The financial institutions provides almost all remittance services. GLBSL provides national and international remittance services from head office and its all branches. You can draw and deposit any volume of amount, there is no any problem on remittance services. 

Member Welfare

GLBSL also provide different services beside financial services. It also involves in various social services / activities, community based programs and Member welfare services. Different services provided by GLBSL are as follows:

  • Provide skill oriented training to increase economic status of group members.
  • Provide pre group Training to the member of new group.
  • Provide delivery expenses to group members.
  • Provide member/client death expenses.
  • Provide income generated trainings.
  • Provide health Camps, Eye Camps and other, help of health institutions.
  • Husband’s death expenses of group members.